Beginner Calligraphy Workshop

So Wanderwall had an event, and it was awesome!

As many of you know (or should know if you follow us on FB and Insta!), Sarah Ku brought her talents to the Space, and taught us the basics to modern calligraphy.

The attendees of the event were greeted by refreshing snacks and a lively bunch to socialize with. The atmosphere was fun and whimsical as we all sat at our seats, which were prearranged and welcomed with handmade name cards that Sarah prepared. 


Sarah created an easy although inspiriting challenge to her lesson plan, which made it obvious who the beginners and experts were. She went over the Calligraphy 101, if you will; what's a nib? What can calligraphy be used for? She even offered us tips to possibly make a side business out of it.

The workshop lasted a little over two hours, which by the end, us beginners had hand cramps - but seeing what awesome art came out of it definitely surpassed any pain we were having.

Watching the ladies of the workshop turn their "I'm going to be terrible at this" attitudes into "hey, I'm not so bad" was a moment of realization that learning is seriously endless.

Don't miss our next event!

Keeping the calligraphy art alive, Wanderwall is having another workshop with another talented artist, Alley Gambol, on June 25 at 10:00 a.m.

Tickets for this event are going quickly, so click here to secure your spot!

Special thanks to Sarah for showing us this beautiful art, and letting us pick her brain!

Check out Sarah's Facebook and Insta accounts for some added talent!

Facebook // @artbysarahku (IG)



Project Restroom Revamp, Success!

The restroom revamp couldn't have gone any better!

Given our name, Wanderwall Space, we felt the restroom would suit best with a European theme. The rich red walls, accompanied by the taupe colored porcelain flooring gives it a bit of an Old World feel, but still modern with the new fixtures.

New restroom items include:

  • Paint - purchased from Lowe's
  • Wainscoting - purchased from Lowe's
  • Vanity - Lowe's (there may be a pattern here)
  • Small mirror - Hobby Lobby
  • Toilet - Lowe's
  • Towels - Daiso
  • Flooring - HD Supply

There is still a bit of work to be done, but the majority of the remodeling has been done.

We still would like to hear any and all feedback from our readers, so please feel free!



Wanderwall Restroom


Here at Wanderwall Space we like to keep things interesting, so that means always upgrading.

The Space's restroom has seen its fare share of events, so we found that a little revamp was definitely overdue.

Every area of the Space is meant to have a different experience, and getting more in depth, is supposed to make you feel that you are in a different part of the world after stepping through each door. This is something we also tried to mimic even with our restroom.

Pinterest restroom inspiration

The inspo for the remodeling came from, you probably guessed it, Pinterest! As always, Pinterest provides great ideas for future projects. Sometimes we get a little too ahead of ourselves and repin literally everything on our feed, but that's another story.

We will be blogging as the remodeling progresses and we would LOVE to hear some feedback from you, our friends and clients, as you are a great inspiration yourselves for this revamp.


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