Wanderwall Restroom


Here at Wanderwall Space we like to keep things interesting, so that means always upgrading.

The Space's restroom has seen its fare share of events, so we found that a little revamp was definitely overdue.

Every area of the Space is meant to have a different experience, and getting more in depth, is supposed to make you feel that you are in a different part of the world after stepping through each door. This is something we also tried to mimic even with our restroom.

Pinterest restroom inspiration

The inspo for the remodeling came from, you probably guessed it, Pinterest! As always, Pinterest provides great ideas for future projects. Sometimes we get a little too ahead of ourselves and repin literally everything on our feed, but that's another story.

We will be blogging as the remodeling progresses and we would LOVE to hear some feedback from you, our friends and clients, as you are a great inspiration yourselves for this revamp.


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