Project Restroom Revamp, Success!

The restroom revamp couldn't have gone any better!

Given our name, Wanderwall Space, we felt the restroom would suit best with a European theme. The rich red walls, accompanied by the taupe colored porcelain flooring gives it a bit of an Old World feel, but still modern with the new fixtures.

New restroom items include:

  • Paint - purchased from Lowe's
  • Wainscoting - purchased from Lowe's
  • Vanity - Lowe's (there may be a pattern here)
  • Small mirror - Hobby Lobby
  • Toilet - Lowe's
  • Towels - Daiso
  • Flooring - HD Supply

There is still a bit of work to be done, but the majority of the remodeling has been done.

We still would like to hear any and all feedback from our readers, so please feel free!



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