YAY!! It's Time For Your Event.

To access the facility, give us a call and we will be out to open up for you.
If for some reason we are not around we will will unlock the door via remote access.
Read through the list of details concerning what you need to know about the space.

Highspeed Internet -
Password: 9099347581

Locking Up

To close the roll up door pull on the chain located on the right hand side. Be sure to link the chain to hook on the wall.

To lock the door, turn the lock on the handle. Be sure you have all your belongings before you do so

Air Conditioning

On wall, left of the bathroom, you will notice the thermostat. Click mode to change heat, cool or off. We ask that you do not lower the temperature below 68 to ensure the A/C doesn't freeze over.

In the summer months, we turn on the a/c before the heat of the date for you. We encourage you to keep the doors and garage door closed to keep the cool inside.


Upon entry, to the left as you enter there are light switches to turn on gallery lights and chandelier.

To turn on the hanging string lights you will need to plug them in. Located on the brick wall with the yellow car you will notice a plug on left side outlet.

Back room lights
Upon entry there is a light switch right of the sliding glass door. This will turn on kitchen and gallery lights.

To turn on string lights, upon entry to the bottom left hand side you will notice an orange cord. Plug it in to the visible outlet.

Clean Up

We ask that chairs and tables are set aside , and that all trash is double bagged and set aside. Our team will take out all trash after you leave. Be sure to take all your belongings. If anything is left behind we will be sure to contact you. Thank you.

House Rules

No Smoking ($500 Charge)
No Glitter or Confetti ($500 Charge)
No mezzanine Access

We encourage all guest to wear a mask.

Have FUN!!!

Refer to the invoice/contract for additional details.

Bluetooth Speaker

The bluetooth connection name is ``Pathfinder``
The speaker can appear on when off, so make sure the speaker is on if you're having any issues. Keep speaker plugged in to avoid any sound going off.


Unfortunately our oven is out of service. Let us know if you have anything that will need to be warmed and we can possibly accommodate.